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  • The Complete Nutritional Solution to Head Shaking
  • Provides Seasonal, Nerve, Respiratory and Immune Support
  • Combats Key Triggers; Sunlight, Pollen, Wind and Dust



Head shaking can be distressing for both horse and rider, and may have a number of different causes.

Current research suggests that head shaking may be due to hypersensitivity of the trigeminal nerve, which supplies sensation to the face, nose and muzzle. In head shakers it seems that stimuli such as sunlight or pollen which don’t affect most horses at all,  can cause this nerve  to fire impulses to the brain, and the affected horses are believed to  experience sensations ranging from a mild, irritated tingling through to severe shooting pains like an electric shock.

This hypersensitivity may be seasonal, or can occur all year round and may be triggered by exposure to sunlight, wind, pollen and dust. Some researchers suggest that equine herpesvirus (EHV) may play a role, and other propose a theory that seasonal hormonal changes may also be implicated.

Shaker Gard provides a potent blend of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and phytochemicals from plants  to support  nerve health, as well as the respiratory, immune  and endocrine systems.

Shaker Gard may be fed all year, or introduced before seasonal factors become apparent.

(It is important to discuss this condition with your vet, to rule out other factors such as dental, ear, eye or sinus problems and discomfort from poorly fitting tack, bits or back pain should also be considered.)

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Available in 1.5kg ( 1 month supply at maintenance)


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